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dimarts, 23 d’octubre de 2012

Irie and No mas Guerras

17 - 12 - 2011. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Teatro de Colegiales.

New CD 2012

After a great time-intensive, we finally drive Ganjah Zone 2012. Titled ¨ ¨ Awakening by their lyrics that invite to see a reality beyond the official ¨ ¨ as all the letters of this independent project and total self-management.

This album, as all the rest of the discography Ganjah Zone is an independent production, Produced, composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jose Gahona.

Find touches of antiquity as well as modern touches within the musical style. Because although some issues takes the original style of the beginning of the project, while on other issues develops modern style never before ventured. After the first 4 promotional cuts, we have the whole album at its best for your enjoyment.

Also, what is special about this album is that it is the first that was composed and tuned in the frequency of 432 Hz This means that the vibration of this album is in absolute harmony with all living things in the universe and their vibrational harmony, contrary to 440 Hz vibration with which this most commonly composed most of the music today.

dijous, 18 d’octubre de 2012

In 2008

In 2008, Joseph decides a new phase for the project, integrating format again ¨ ¨ Sound-System for the live of Area Ganjah, ie without band occur, accompanied only by a DJ (Goyo, current bassist) to launch the instrumental, this was in order to achieve travel to countries where it would have been impossible in that band time, due to high costs and lack transferred security as to call, not knowing how many people actually summoned Zone Ganjah, producers risked not carry the whole band and offered arm shows Soundsystem. Asique in view of the possibility of ralizar first tour in Mexico, Jose decides to leave to go Argentinas lands Chile live some time and begin this new stage of development where try to make as many shows and tours, aprobechando the moving easily under this reduced format (Sound-system), so get a real sense of what was happening in the rest area Ganjah the continent. Basto only a first tour to realize that in his Most places did not give rough presentation for large quantity of people summoned Ganjah Zone, expectations were exceeded and showed that Ganjah Zone was positioned near one of the revelation projects in South America, so much so that various media and communication regarded it as the most widespread and project indepentienteshowing the results exelentes promoted only by means of free expression, without recording industries and media mass.During the year 2008 and following 2009, that area was visited several Ganjah countries of the continent, ranging from soundsystem format and accompanied by backing band of different places that are presented. But that not merely to deliver the show that the band could deliver originally from Argentina, which led to the following year in 2010, performed the first tour with the musicians of the band Zona official Ganjah, comprising: Malaya (keys), Goyo (bass), Di (drums), Gon (guitar), Eze (percussion), Gaby (keys).

The tour with excellent response from people, showed that the full band offered a show of quality and energy than previous formats.

In 2007

After a couple of trips presenting the project in Chile and Argentina, in August 2007 is the end of the third disc Ganjah Zone, entitled'' * SanaZion *''. This album keeps the roots reggae style in the rhythms conscious and also those letters. Topics of the disc as the earth grows ¨ From ¨ Smoking or go home ¨ ¨, sounded loudly among people and ultimately enshrined the project to begin expanding rapidly and achieve high level of popularity and followers, not only in Chile and Argentina, but
already expanding into the rest of South and Central America and Mexico. This year, for various personal reasons, most of the musicians the live band (trip to Zion) decide not to continue working for the project, which generates a change in the formation of the band. in this search period involving several musicians and detonated a process new phase for the project.